Could Holes have taken place in Rhode Island?

Report by Kyle and Liam

We have been reading Holes in English and we are investigating where it could have took place.We chose to investigate the state of Rhode Island.

We don’t think holes would have been set in Rhode island because has a cold temperature which is around 10 degrees.In janary though temperatures fall to about -2 degrees.

We looked at different maps and Rhode Island has a lot of rivers running through it.  Around the small state there is more than 100 tiny beaches. Where Holes is set it is sunny and has no lake or beaches. Holes is a desert landscape , but Rhode island is full of mostly water and is covered in beaches.

Easton Beach Panorama by Amit Chattopadhyay (adapted). Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Licence

Rhode island temperature is nothing like Holes . so holes can definetly not be set  in Rhode Island .

Louis Sachar book Holes, is more likely to be set in somewhere with a warmer climate,less beaches and less rain.

There are lots of mountains in Rhode Island but most are snowy but in a warm state like the one in holes it will barely ever snow.

There have been lots of earthquakes in Rhode Island but there’s no sign of any earthquakes at camp green lake.

Our conclusion is that holes is definetly not set in Rhode Island because the temperature is far too low and the full landcsape is totally wrong in comparison to the landscape of holes.

Thank you for reading our blog.

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