Celtic & Rangers Stamp Out Bigotory! by Katie & Courtney

We have been reading a book called ‘Divided City’.The book is based on sectarianism, bigotry and asylum seekers.

Sectarianism in Glasgow is mainly between the Roman Catholics and Protestants. It is made worse by the rivarly between Celtic Football Club and Rangers Football Club, two teams based in Glasgow.  Research shows that football is unlikely to be the main source of sectarianism in Glasgow, however.

In 2004 and 2005, sectarian incidents reported to police in Scotland increased by 50% to 440 over 18 months. Members of the public appear divided on the strength of the relationship between Celtic and Rangers and sectarianism.

Sectarianism  involves bigotry, discrimination and hatred. Sometimes a group of people who support one team will be violent and attack a group from the other team. Bigotry is when someone from one culture/team is prejudice to someone from another culture/team by showing them hatred. Discrimination is when someone treats someone else like an outcast for example – if someone was racist to someone make they could make a fool of someone’s culture or beliefs.

Kick out Bigotry is Scottish football’s campaign against sectarianism. They believe it’s tme to stop Religous bigotry. Many people and orgnisations have tried to stop bigotry, including the two football clubs. The remove anyone found chanting or shouting sectarian songs and slogans and ban them from their matches. They also work closely with organisations who are trying to get rid of bigotry in football. 

While most people follow football in a responsible way, others feel obliged to cause trouble, using football for an excuse for the unacceptable behaviour.

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