The Irish Community in Scotland. Emma and Kayleigh.

Flag of the Republic of Ireland. Public domain image

We were reading the novel ‘Divided City’ by Theresa Breslin in English and have been looking at different topics within the book.  We are researching the Irish community in Scotland.

The Irish have a long history in Glasgow. The people of Ireland have been in the largest minority group in Britain for centuries. Although some people believe that Scotland only had Catholic Irish immigrants, they also had a lot of Protestant immigrants too, particularly from the north. Scotland has a greater number of people who were born in Northern Ireland than any other British country.

Football teams can sometimes reflect Catholic or Protestant heritage. Normally if you support Celtic then you are judged a Catholic and if you support Rangers then you are judged to be a Protestant. The Irish have a right to come to come to Scotland because Ireland and Britain are both in the EU.

Many Irish people had to leave Ireland due to The Potato Famine. Emigration to Scotland from Ireland was common around the time and the tickets were cheap. A third of Irish immigrants stayed in Glasgow to find work in the industries that were by the Clyde. Scotland and Ireland share a Celtic background.

The Irish have done a lot over the years to improve the culture and economy of Scotland.

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