The Nil by Mouth Campaign by Kieran and Daniel

We have been reading Divided City written by Theresa Breslin, and we have decided to write a blog about the Nil by Mouth campaign in Scotland.

Logo copyright Nil by Mouth. Used with permission.

Nil by Mouth is a registered Scottish Charity, it deals with sectarianism and racism in Scotland. Nil by mouth is not a religious organisation.

Sectarianism is often seen at football games, for example an Old Firm game (Celtic vs Rangers). Celtic and Rangers are rival teams and are generally associated with the religions of Catholicism and Protestantism, although there are no official links and supporters from both sides have many different religions and none at all.

 The ‘Nil by mouth’ campaign is based in Glasgow and works throughout Scotland.

‘The ‘Nil by Mouth’ campaign is about keeping sectarianism out of Scotland.

Sectarianism is a word which creates many different emotions, opinions and perspectives. Sectarianism can take on different meanings depending on how it is used. It can be offensive to some people depending on how it’s use or what is said.

Sectarianism is linked to bigotry, hatred and discrimination. Someone could be sectarian to you because you belong to a different religion.

Nil by Mouth’s  campaign focuses mainly on challenging sectarian hatred, abuse and discrimination between Catholics and Protestants.

There were 700 sectarian crimes in Scotland 2010, 58%of these crimes were against Catholics and 37% were against Protestants.

One third of the crimes took place at football matches.  

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