Rangers F.C. by Marnie + Andrew

We read ‘Divided City’ which is about a Celtic fan and a Rangers fan who become friends. We decided to find out more about the history of Rangers.

Rangers were  formed in 1872. The club are the first, and only, club in the world to have won more than 50 national league titles. The club is also the most honoured in the world having won 115 trophies in total. They have won the Scottish League Cup 27 times. Even though Rangers were formed 137 years ago, Rangers have only ever been managed by twelve different men.

In 1888 the now famous Old Firm fixture was born as Rangers met Celtic for the first time in a friendly match. Celtic beat Ranger 5-2 with a team made of mostly ‘guest players’ from Hibernian.

Rangers play in red, blue and white . Rangers F.C.’s main rivals are Celtic football club. Rangers have 3 nicknames: The Gers , The Teddy Bears and The Blues. Their manager right now is Ally McCoist. They play at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow. They play in the SPL and have won the league 54 times, which is a world record.

Ibrox by Hugh Craig. Creative Commons Licence

The club have traditionally been identified with the Protestant and Unionist community of Scotland, as well as the Unionist community in Northern Ireland.

Rangers have had many legends  playing for them such as; Peter McNeil and his brother Moses McNeil, Peter Campbell, Jimmy Gordan and many more.



There were two disasters at Ibrox stadium. The second Ibrox disaster was in 1971. Over 80,000 people showed up to the game and 66 people were killed in the crush when stairway 13 collapsed.

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