Mrs Jeffrey’s bloggers

2nd year English classes are writing blog posts. Mrs Jeffrey’s class are being all festive and working on the origins of Christmas.

Success criteria for blog articles:

Christbaumkugel by Euro2008. Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

  • includes at least one copyright free image
    – add the URL to the place in your blog you want it to appear
    Wikimedia Commons has lots of great material you can look at
    – or create a Cooltext logo (leave image in LRC dropbox)
  • includes at least one hyperlink to another website
  • includes relevant information
  • avoids any plagiarism
  • avoids any bias
  • laid out so it can be clearly read online
  • be roughly 250-300 words
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2 Responses to Mrs Jeffrey’s bloggers

  1. Mrs. Jeffrey says:

    It should read Mrs. Jeffrey’s class is not are.

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