How very civilised!

Some fantastic ideas this week, some springing off the top of the head, and others developed over pages and pages with illustrations.

Some writers have explained their civilisations in far greater depth than I can, but here’s a brief run through of them all.

  • Enrohtwah 2.99999:  a world with no evil, and no government
  • Our Earth: was once the prettiest nation ever, but is now split into nine factions that can’t agree on anything, and engaged in an on-going passive aggressive war. The world is shaped like a cube, although the people are convinced it’s flat. The cube will routinely flop over, and everyone has to hang on to something so they don’t fall off.
  • A world where no expression is allowed; “The answer to life is 1”; a resistance consists of orphans from after the Conversion
  • A futuristic ancient China, populated by panda people.
  • A world with sneezing mountains and argumentative forests. (There is huge depth of  wonderful detail, developed over several pages in notebooks. this is the only little bit I’m allowed to talk about :-)).
  • Disar: Pixar vs Disney; governed by gummi bears; air full of flying carpets and broomsticks.
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One Response to How very civilised!

  1. Jennifer Macfadyen says:

    Is it weird that I’d quite like to go and debate with the forests?

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