Civilisation: Disar

My civilisation is called Disar and is when Disney and Pixar characters(  from books, movies etc) come alive. I got the idea while watching Toy Story( one of the best movies ever!)

Disar is governed by VERY SMART gummy bears, who talk a completely different language from us. The king is obviously Mickey Mouse and Luxo ( the pixar lamp which is in the Pixar advert thingy) is prime minister. It is pretty much the same world as ours but there are also flying carpets and broomsticks which you can be any age ( over 9 at least) to drive one.

One thing which almost every Disney cartoon has is fairies. There are stories that some fairies are nice, like children and help plants in the forrest/woods though(aparently) some are bad, who’s aim is to torture any living thing they see. In my civilisation, i have went for nice fairies though they are very shy and for you to talk to them you must leave out a candle with a flower and a big piece of chocolate (fairies love chocolate)

Every 17th of April, there is a 5 minuet silence for when there was a war in Disar, Disney characters verses Pixar. Thankfully, no one was killed or hurt because the fight did only last for 5 minuets, mainly because they got sick of fighting and wanted to go home and have an easteregg, they like eastereggs.

One thing which i like about Disar is the fact that there is magic. One of the main streets is Diagonny Ally ( courtousy of Harry Potter) which is just like Diagon Ally in HP. Every child has a bangle with a symbol on it which represents what there personalities are like. Take Mrs Macfadyen for example, she  would be a cat because she is kind and understanding.  With this bangle, you have magic powers, which is a subject every school in the county.

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