Paul and Ryan – The Three Wise Men (The Magi)

Gold bars by Agnico-Eagle. Public domain image CC0 1.0

The 3 wise men started the gift-giving part of Christmas by giving the baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. Their names were Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar.

 The 3 wise men have not only been described as wise men, but also as kings, persian priests and astrologers.  The magi were given other names, as well, including Apellus, Amerus and Damasius.  They began their journey when Herod sent them to follow the giant star, knowing that the baby Jesus would be born directly underneath it. 

Frankincense by Gaius Cornelius. Public domain image.

One of the gifts that were brought was gold. Gold is a very expensive and popular metal. It also is used in lots of jewellery.

Another gift brought to the baby Jesus was frankincense. This is an aromatic gum resin obtained from African and Asian trees. It’s used in incense and in perfumes.

The last gift of the wise men was myrrh.  Myrrh is basically the same as frankincense.  It is found in African  trees and is used in incense and in perfume.


Myrrh by Gaius Cornelius. Public domain image.

The magi ventured through the hot desert on camels, carrying their gifts.  After they went to see the baby Jesus, God came to them in a dream and told them to change their route on the way back. It was because Herod wanted to know where Jesus was, and he wants to kill him to stop the great prophecy,  which is that God’s son will be born and that he will be the King of the Jews.  Herod enjoys being king, and he doesnt want to give it up. This is why he wanted every male child to be killed, he was searching for Jesus, not knowing where he was.

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