Beth, Carla and Louise – Boxing Day

Every year on the 26th of December the same calebration occurs. It’s the celebration of giving to the poor. Nowadays, people just think of this day as nothing more than sitting by the warm fire and playing with their brand new presents drinking a cup of hot cocoa where as unknown to them there could be someone just outside their house, sitting in the streets, freezing to death.
Boxing Day originally started in the 19th centuary. It started because the wealthy people realised that there were hundreds of poor people and they had no presents when they had hundreds. They gave them food and water and warmth and boxes full of goodies. This is how boxing day originally started and it is still running today 2 centuarys later but many people misunderstand the true meaning.
Here is a good website containing all the information about boxing day and all the rather old traditions.

Winter Chilli Hot Chocolate by Alpha. CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence

Boxing Day has definitley changed throughout the years. It started of as a celebration of giving and it has turned into a day for shopping. Lots of pople go out on Boxing Day to take part in all the bedlam of shopping in the hectic after-christmas sales. All the shops have massive sales and massive price reductions to get rid of their christmas stock. This takes away the real message that is supposed to be sent out.
Different countries celebrate Boxing Day in different ways.
I think it’s very imporatant that people keep in mind the true meaning of boxing day and remember to keep the less fortunate in mind.
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