claire and lorena..yule

Yule was the winter celebration of the German pagens.Yule is a pagan word, it means christmas but it is not celebrated the same way as we celebrate christmas. This time of year, there are a lot of different celebrations going on for many different reasons. Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the winter solistice or yule! Yule is a winter festival that was normally celebrated in  northern Europe but now celebrated in many other countries in different ways. Yule celebrations is normally at the same time as christmas. in norway yule is celebrated in the evening of the 23rd of december and lasts for 13 days.

Pagans usually celebrate yule by burning a yule log, putting up a fir or spruce tree and hanging up mistletoe. Yule is celebrated normally at the end of december to the beginning of January.

Bonfire at the Yule Log by georgiabackcountry. CC BY 3.0 Licence

Candles have often been a staple decoration because the fire in the candles represents the sun which has faded in the winter.

The yule log tradition originated in Germany in the 12th century hundreds of years before santa claus and christmas trees. Yule logs are burneed on christmas eve,the wood is designed to burn and last throught the 12 days of christmas.Yule is the most ancient christmas tradition!

Yule is a time for feasting, they celebrate it with a meal and dancing.people think it is a time to stay at home with their family and be merry! it is a happy time.

Yule is still celebrated today mostly in England but it is also popular in the United States of America.

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