Morgan, Beth and Nicole = Santa Claus

Father Christmas. Public domain image.

Santa Claus originated a long time ago and was at first called Saint Nicholas.

He was a catholic bishop who lived in Turkey (which then was called Asia Minor) in the 4th century, at the time the emporer was ordering for all christians to be imprisoned and executed so Nicholas was put in jail. The legend says that the man we know call Santa Claus appeared to the emporer Diocletian in a dream.

He begged for the unfairly imprisoned not to be executed and then the great emperor immediately set all of his prisoners free.

It isn’t the same for every country for example, in Germany he is called Christindle, the Christ Child. In France he is known as Pere Noel, in England he is know as Father Christmas with a long beard and long coat, in China he is called Shengdan Laoren and in the United States and Canada he is called Santa Claus.

What most people do not know is that there is many different churches that are dedicated to him. It is said in old folklore that Santa Claus brings gifts to the homes of good young children but for the badly behaved children he brought with him a cane to hit the children, and teach them a lesson for the following Christmas.

Some people feel that even if there was a possibility that Santa could be real that it was physically impossilble due to the fact that this bearded man bearing gifts would have to travel around the world at 3,000 times the speed of sound. Ofcourse people do not take into consideration that you have to rule out Jewish, Buddist, Muslim and other non Catholic children whom do not celebrate Christmas at all.
Thank you for reading our facts all about Santa Claus. Merry Christmas x
By Morgan, Nicole and Beth.

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