Christmas Dinner plays a very big part in the christmas season.Christmas is celebrated in all different countries round the world and each different countries have different traditional ways for christmas dinner. Some of the traditional christmas dinners are shown below.

The Traditional Scottish menu for Christmas is


Soup is often served, maybe because of the cold winter months

It could be Cock O Leekie Soup


Carrot and Coriander or you could try something more exotic


For the main course Roast Turkey is traditionally served with Roast Potatoes, Roast Parshnips, Stuffing, B

bacon rolls, Chipolata sausages, Brussel Sprouts, Peas and any other vegetables !


The traditional christmas dessert is The Scottish Mince Pie usually served with brandy butter, rum sauce, fresh cream or custard.Lighter alternatives may be trifle or crannachan.

In Mexico For Christmas dinner They have 


Coffe cake , Banana Bread and christmas cookies which the make themselves.


They have Mexican Casserole which consists off eggs, sausages, mushrooms and salsa.


Salami, cheese and crackers and pasties. 

Main Course

Fruit and Shrimp to start and then the main dinner is rolls, Roast beef, Potatoe casserole, jello salad and finally a green vegetable.


                                                  They have chocolate scoufles.

In Italy for Christmas Eve Dinner is an important meal. They call this meal. This meal is called “The feast of the seven fishes.”

On this evening Italians eat 7 different types of fish. Some of the fish dshes they eat are baked stuffed clams, Calamari Stewed with tomatoes Portugeuse Salt Cod Stew (Bacalhoada,) Lobster, Tuna pasta with Capers in white wine sauce, Grilled Branzino with with rosemary


Christmas goose by Jürgen Howaldt. CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence

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