Welcome back

The new term started today and it’s going to be a really busy term too, especially in the LRC.

This is Reading Trail term for all 1st year English classes, which means all out war between the English teachers. We’re expecting banners and class self-promotion, and all sorts of shenanigans. Meanwhile, 2nd year classes will be taking turns finding out about the mysteries of Scotland (there’s more than just Nessie, you know) and trying to find out the truth behind them.

Social Subjects will be analysing the problems of Brazil, reporting the assassination of JFK, and investigating Extreme Weather. The Travel and Tourism class should also be making an appearance to find out about travel in times gone by.

The IDL classes are beginning a new topic on places to visit and things to do in Lanarkshire, and creating a brochure in both French and English to promote our local area.

The XL3 class are busy creating storyboards for their amazing graphic novel. A SFX make-up artist is coming in to lend a hand, so we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

It’ll also be a busy term for Careers, with S2 Tutor Groups working through options materials.

And that’s just the stuff we already know about!

The Creative Writing Group and Photography Groups will continue to work away, and we also have plans for a couple of authors to come in to school to talk to different classes about their work.

The Library Assistants are still working on their list of the books everyone should read before they leave school, which will hopefully start to take shape at the back of the LRC.

Not forgetting the press releases, the blogs and the website to keep up to date.

And at some point we might get around to issuing a few books 🙂

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