Zombies 3: Location spotting

Report by Mark B

XL3 are working on a comic strip about zombies. We have to take the pictures ourselves so we needed to find a good area to take the pictures so it looks realistic.

We split into groups and decided which classrooms we had to look in. Our group took the middle floor. We went into the dining hall because the first scene is sitting around the table eating breakfast and we thought we could have the kitchen in the background.

We took lots of different pictures to see what the best camera angle was – high, low, medium. We tried out different positions for the table and the people around it. We wanted to have the zombie in the background but not too obvious that that’s why we were using that angle.

We wanted somewhere to have an effect of the walls closing in on the zombie so we used the corridor opposite the Library. We also took pictures on the landing of the first staircase, but we thought they looked staged.

Report by Liam

Our team looked around in Science for a room that looked like a place where you could make a potion. We thought the room next to Mr Lynch’s class might work because it looked like a Science class. There was a board at the back which didn’t make it look so good.

We wanted to go outside to the burger van and we were discussing a wee route for the humans to take after the zombies have all died. We thought straight up the hill was better than going through the bus bay.

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