Zombies 4: The Potion

Report by Ciaran H

The XL3 class have been focusing on stage makeup for the last few weeks. We are going to make a zombie comic strip.

We went up to visit the Science Technician, Mr Johnstone, to ask about a potion to stop the zombies. We wanted a colourful, fizzy, smoky kind of potion that looked like it came from a horror movie.

We decided the potion would have a sign saying zombie antidote which we will use to stop the zombies. We haven’t decided yet whether to kill them or make them human again.

Mr Johnstone showed us a green potion with water, food colouring and some calcium metal. At first it fizzed up, and then it looked like it was going to overflow, but it didn’t.

We thought it was quite cool and a perfect idea, but it didn’t look right in the beaker, so we asked for a bigger flask.

When we get the pictures we will need more than one camera because we don’t know which angle will be more effective. We will also have to think about a background. It will probably look more effective in black.

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One Response to Zombies 4: The Potion

  1. Kirpal says:

    It was quite cool to see it fizz up

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