Zombies 6: Special Effects

Report by Mark B

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Kirsty McCabe came in to show the XL3 class how to make burns with special effects makeup. We used liquid latex to make a sticky surface on the back of our hands. Then we used razor thin tissue paper and stuck it to the surface. We built it up gradually to make it look like raised skin and dried it with a hair dryer.

We had to put different tones of makeup on so it would blend into the skin and gradually added colour, starting with blacks. The black makes the deepest parts stand out on the burn. Then around it we added blues, greens and yellows to make bruising, and then added reds on top to make it look swollen and sore, as if it had just happened. Finally, we added fake blood, which was a sticky syrup. You could even eat it!

Everybody had a shot of making their own burns and cuts. When we went into the next period, everybody was commenting on our burns because they didn’t know what happened. The teachers were really worried about us, and asked us to warn them next time!

The next job is to work out the scenes for our zombie graphic novel on Comic Life.

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2 Responses to Zombies 6: Special Effects

  1. Kirpal says:

    some of these cut and scars looked so real they made me feel sick

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