Zombies 7: scanning for ideas

Report by Kirpal. (Typing by Mrs Macfadyen)

We came to the library and we went on to the computers. We were told to go onto Google and search for pictures of zombies.

We searched for them and most of us got very good realistic pictures, but some were impossible for us to copy for our own story because we didn’t have the materials or the skills.

We chose which pictures were the best and made a Word page with the pictures we wanted, saved them and printed them.

Kirsty came in again and we showed her our pictures. She said they were good, but some of them we couldn’t do. So she showed us how to put the silicon on our arms  to make scars and wounds.

We started off with two tubs, silicon A and silicon B. Kirsty bought in a bag of chip sticks. WE used the bottom of the chip sticks to dip into Silicon A and then put it onto a plastic cup. Then we threw away our first chip stick and took a new one. Then we got the same amount of Silicon B and mixed it with Silicon A. Then after we mixed it we added some colour  put it on our arms and blended it into our skin. Then we used a hairdryer to dry it and then took away the shine with makeup.

We made a hole with the pointed end of the chip stick and added some fake blood to finish it.

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3 Responses to Zombies 7: scanning for ideas

  1. Kirpal says:

    it was so fun to make the cuts but it made me sick jus’ looking at them.

  2. Liam says:

    looks good

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