Cathy MacPhail

Report by Ms Stevenson

The S3 and S4 pupils of Mrs Millar that were lucky enough to participate in the Catalyst Awards 2011 have had all their efforts rewarded with a visit from shortlisted author Cathy MacPhail.

The visit was the prize for a contest which Our Lady’s won – best use of the Catalyst blog; we are known for our blogging here – and what a prize it was! It is undoubtably exciting to meet any published author, especially for those who wish to make their own careers in writing, but today was a special case for many attending because they had already read one or more of her books. Needless to say, everyone was very excited, and some even came early to ensure that they’d get the best seats. This was not an effort wasted.

Cathy quickly established herself as not only a great writer but an excellent speaker too, beginning with tales of her childhood and moving on to another of her great interests – the paranormal. She relayed to us a tale told to her by her mother, of death and moving paintings and spookiest of all, a ghostly encounter of her own.

She even read us an extract of her book; needless to say, we were all on the edge of our seats.

She was an extremely nice person, and even stayed late to be harrassed by chat to the Creative Writing Club. On the insistence of the teachers, we eventually had to let her go, but her visit should hopefully inspire more into reading, and even a few into writing.

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