Zombies 10: the showing

Report by Kirpal, Ciaran and Mark

Last night was an amazing night. First we went to Pizza Hut then we headed for Greenfaulds High School for the exhibition.

We done some stage makeup on ourselves. Ciaran had a slash wound on his hand, Mark had a long gash all the way up his arm to the elbow and Kirpal had a half completed burn to show the process.

We went round to the theatre and got a quick talk about what was going to be happening. We would watch all of the slide shows and then go back into the viewing gallery where we could try out the light art.

Our slide show was first and everybody was watching attentively. We had a powerpoint and we showed off the comic. Nobody else used Comic Life so we thought we were the best.

One of the schools used the No Knives Better Lives campaign to show that knives have no place in the streets and they used the stage makeup to show where knives had penetrated the skin.

Another couple of schools used Michael Jackson’s Thriller for the backing track for their zombie slideshow (we used the theme from 28 Days Later).

Most schools had done Light Art, which was quite cool. They had used a torch and a camera to catch the movement of the light. Some had written their names, one school had subjects, and lots had used the XL letters.

After the presentations we went into the gallery to see the different stalls. There were photos of light art, light boxes using fabric to make pictures and other examples of makeup. We’ve been invited to show off our skills at Calderhead High School in Shotts and to our our houses at Our Lady’s.

We’ve had good fun doing the project and had a really good time. We’ve learned new skills and we’re proud of representing OLHS.

Thanks to Kirsty McCabe for sharing her talent.

Let’s hope the zombies don’t come calling again, but if they do, we’ll be ready.

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