Report by Mr Hawthorne

This is not a blog post about the deliciousness and variations of pies. Instead I’m going to talk about our Photography and Inspiration Expedition.

On Friday afternoon after the Patronal Feast Day Mass, the Photography Club and Creative Writing group went on an expedition to Dalzell Estate and Baron’s Haugh.

Along the way, the creative writing group decided to leave paper in hidden places (not littering) to scare the living daylights out of normal passer byers as the notes were requesting help because apparently I (Aaron) was a cereal killer (no, not a serial killer, a cereal killer) and I was after people.

Thousands of photos were taken by the photography people as well including pictures of trees, dogs, Ryan, and cemeteries.

Overall, the group had a great afternoon, and photos will be appearing very soon on the photography blog . You can also read our inspired writing pieces on the Creative Writing Blog.

A huge thanks to Mrs Macfadyen and Ms Steinert for organising the expedition. We thank you for helping us not get lost and for helping us to stay alive. Most of the time.


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3 Responses to PIE!

  1. Aaron says:

    I’ve seen the picture in the Motherwell times…

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