The Magical Land (Chapter 1)

I walked from the garage to the rusted gate of the old wood. I didn’t need my parents anyway. Useless gits if you ask me.

I managed to climb over the fence as if I was used to it. An old broken glass “you are here” thing stood in front of me where visitors would have poured through when the reserve first opened. I realised how big this place actually was, but it was beautiful, the sound of nature was all around me; birds singing; gushing water from a distant waterfall; tiny critters rustling about minding their own business. This was the place to be. I went onwards to explore.

Never had I before seen such brilliant trees. They looked as if they had been hand carved to look so perfect. Some looked so smooth you could sleep on them, and some were so rough and ridged yet so beautiful.

After our Photography and Writing expedition on Friday afternoon, I was inspired by the photos I had taken and the sights I seen to write a little mini “book” about a boy in a forest like place but soon discovers mysterious notes lying around. Is there someone else with him?

After a few minutes of walking, I sat underneath a huge oak tree giving me some shade from the scorching summer sun. I always did like this area of town. People were usually quite nice, mainly because they were stinking rich and would hate for you to scratch their Ferraris or break a Macintosh inspired window in their mansion. But there were no snobs in this forest like place. It was just me and nature.

It was at this point I realised I needed a wee-wee. I went to a nearby bush and emptied my bladder. Just as I was finished giving the plants a drink, I found a rather odd looking thing that resembled an enchanted staff of some sort. It was probably only a branch from a tree but I picked it up anyway. It was just about the same height as me, and as I walked on I felt a sort of authority.

I could be the king of this land. I thought. No one owned the land really anyway, or at least no one wanted to own the land. I walked on further until I found myself going down a steep path where stairs would have once been. Deeper and deeper I found myself going to the pits of hell. Eventually the path turned a corner and I was in the most beautiful place. A huge waterfall stood tall across from me and a rapid river flowed in anger towards the next waterfall not too far away. To the back of me, a bridge stretched across the river which was very well camouflaged among the trees and ivy. I walked towards the bridge and sat with my legs dangling over it. It was a very low bridge as my bare toes touched the water. I admired a rainbow that had formed over the waterfall as the water gushed through the gaps between my toes.

I decided to get off of the bridge and walk even further. If this was only the first part of this amazing place, I had to see what else it had to offer. Why was such a beautiful place sealed off anyway?

To Be Continued

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