Review by AH

Books. They’re so papery and full of letters that combine to make words. Some of these so called “books” containing so called “words” can bore the life out of some people. But not all books are everyone’s cup of tea. But there’s one book, or should I say one series. Actually, make that one author. Yes. There is one author that you should at least try to look into. An author who doesn’t make letters to make words, but an author who makes golden pages with diamond letters and crystal words. Or it seems like that anyway. That author, is Catherine MacPhail.

I was asked to write a review on a book I spoke highly of. “Nemesis- The Beast Within” by Catherine or “Cathy” MacPhail. But I simply could not just talk about this one book.

Since I read the first book of the series just after Christmas, which, in case you were wondering, was “Nemesis- Into the Shadows”. I recommend reading that  first if you want to read the series, not just because it is the first in the series, but because if, sorry, I mean WHEN you want to read the next in the series, it will make a lot more sense to you. Anyway, since I read that just after Christmas, I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen to “Ram” next and so, I was delighted to find all the books in the series in the school library where I took the second one out.

My anxiousness was no longer. I found out what happened to “Ram” and I lived his next “adventure”. So much so, that I finished the book within a week including one sleepless night as I was so hooked on it, and now I have the third in the series, which, in case you were wondering yet again, is “Nemesis- Sinister Intent”.

Sadly, I feel as if I cannot tell you anything about this particular book in the series. Not because I wasn’t paying attention or anything, but because it wouldn’t make you so interested in the first in the series, which you MUST read. If not, I will get the “Darkman” on you. That’s a reference to the series. FYI.

However, I can tell you what I already know about the series already, which hopefully will convince you to buy, or borrow, or at least read this series, or at least one of the books from the series.

What makes this series so interesting is that it is so realistic. It’s so perfect. It is set in modern day and captures our lives perfectly. All the gritty little details and all of the details we don’t take any notice of. And yet, we are lead to believe what is going on.

A boy. With no identity apparently finds himself in running into danger all of the time. I’m not going to tell you what sort of danger because then I would be retelling the story, and believe me, you can only read Cathy MacPhail’s version to really enjoy the series.

It is the way events are set out in the books, the way we are kept hanging on to our seats that keep us reading on. It kept me reading on at least! But what grabs me most, I think, is how the story is actually told. It isn’t in the one view or personal the way through. Instead, we are told the story from all different angles, Ram’s, his new friends, his enemy and enemies and so on. I just wanted to get into the characters’ brains and control them to do or don’t do a thing.

I really recommend you read this series as if you didn’t already figure that out. If not, at least try and read something from Catherine MacPhail. Even if you are a boy, don’t let the female name put you off, because Nemesis definitely isn’t just for girls! Just, read something from her! I have become addicted! And yes, Catherine MacPhail was one of the authors on the Catalyst shortlist, the one that was recently held in our school, just before Christmas. Maybe a little earlier, but you know what I mean. But anyway,


(Sorry… got a little excited there, let’s just say caps lock got stuck.)

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