Challenge Results: Dr Microwave

Today we had a strange little drama script taking the concept of Dr Microwave even further. Apparently he lives in a narrow space above kitchens so he can watch what’s going on beneath him. Also handy for being able to see exactly what’s wrong with the microwave.

It remains unclear whether Dr Microwave lives above every kitchen in a sort of multi-dimensional way, or just that of the writer.



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2 Responses to Challenge Results: Dr Microwave

  1. Aaron says:

    Oh, didn’t I mention? He sort of lives above peoples’ kitchens but he does have a huge, invisible ship which hovers over the worst of kitchens. There, he can view all of the microwaves in a single town or city from the comfort of his own favourite armchair, beside the fish tank.

    He also has minions which are to be introduced at a later date. They are very similar to my munchkins only more advanced and do not have a love for Postman Pat.

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