Magpie by Hayley

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Name: Carla Reaves-Carpet

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Profession: Thief/Assassin

Villain Name: The Magpie

Weapons: Curved knives, designed to be very difficult to pull out. Can be used for throwing or at close range. Can be used to pin people to certain surfaces – if it goes through the person and into the object, that person is not moving. Also owns several guns, but cannot be counted on to hit out of point blank range (outside of that is about 1/25 with moving target)

Parents: Brooke Carpet (Grandaughter and protege of Carla Cavallo-Kholodova); ‘Machete’ Reaves (real name unknown)

Carla has strong links to the criminal underworld – three major crime families through blood alone. Her childhood has left a profound impression on her – in a way, she was pampered. She always had the best toys, the best  clothes, the best gadgets; everything but peace of mind. It was a dangerous life, and throughout the years she witnessed so many horrors treated as nothing but minor inconveniences that she came to accept them as normal. She has a skewed perception of the value of a human life, believing as though only those she knows personally are genuinely living, the rest being merely cardboard cut outs that must be disposed of should the family need it. When fighting/performing a hit/performing a burglary she posseses a sort of dissonent serenity – an air of total calmness and control no matter how horrific the deed she is performing. She lacks the viciousness of her father  or the cruelty of her mother so efficiency is the key to her fighting style – she does not torture and she does not stop to gloat. She gets the job done and leaves. She prefers burglaries to hits, feeling the same way after ending a human life as you or I might after accidentally crushing a bug – it may seem like a shame at the time but in a minutes time it will be forgotten. She loves jewellery store robberies in particular, possessing a grand affection for accessories of all kind. She is relatively vain – she finds a childlike glee absent everywhere else in her life in posing in front of the mirror with a fancy necklace and a pretty dress.

She is reasonably intelligent, analytical rather than creative, and interested in practical matters rather than deep. Her most incredible talent of all is her ability to just blank out – not even day dreaming, not even sleeping, just to turn everything off and neither think nor feel – a talent that has been both often necessary for her, growing up where she did. She can sit for hours in quiet intensity. It can be unnerving to others. More than anything else she seeks approval, especially from her mother. Her father, despite his monstrous temper and impressive vicious streak never did a thing to hurt her and did genuinely care for her, but whether her mother ever did is debatable. She does what she does so to make herself seem  worth something. She is an empty shell, but through nurture rather than nature, born ordinary but broken beyond repair.

About the costume: She is naturally a brunette. Unfortunately, due to an accident invoking serious blunt trauma to the head as a child, she was left with a not insignificant streak of white in her hair. She dyes the rest to match.

The reason for the costume is, again, the family deemed it necessary. They felt it would be beneficial to create an almost mythic, fearsome figure, known to be allied to them to heighten the sense of fear surrounding them and to combat the new wave of costumed heroes. Her cape is actually designed to look like wings.

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