Scotland’s Contribution to Science Part 2

Pupils are investigating Scotland’s contribution to the history of science: Thomas Telford, Alexander Graham Bell, Robert Watson-Watt, John Napier, Lord Kelvin, James Clerk Maxwell, Joseph Black, James Hutton, James Lister, Ian Donald and all the others.

You might notice they’ve all got one thing in common. Why are we only investigating men? We asked the classes where they thought all the female scientists, engineers, inventors and doctors had got to and they suggested:

  1. That women were not strong enough to study science (a brave boy that, given there were two female staff in the room, but we think he was being funny, so he survived).
  2. That in the past, women were not allowed to study science by fathers and husbands.
  3. That there were no female scientists at all.

Actually, there have always been women in science, including Scots like like Mary Somerville and Marion Gilchrist, but often the problem is that there just isn’t enough information about these women who were involved. Insufficient information = no investigation.

Plus, all of the people in our investigation were from the past, so we’ve asked pupils to find out about current research and who’s involved, so we can make a display for the Science corridors. We’ll share their work once it’s completed.

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