The Dewey Rap

1st year pupils have been learning a bit more about the Dewey Decimal System, courtesy of Melvil Dewey (the hip hop artist, not the 19th century librarian).

Classes watched the Dewey Rap and once they’d stopped giggling, used the lyrics to join in, some more enthusiastically than others – there was even dancing spotted (at least I think it was dancing :-)).

Then the class split up and went off to the shelves to identify the information in one of the Dewey hundreds (easy, so long as you’re paying attention) and report back to the class. Did they find anything unexpected?

Well, the 000s, cropped up, because they include topics such as the Loch Ness Monster, the Bermuda Triangle and UFOs. What are they doing there? Well, 001.9 is the classification number for mysteries: the stuff that nobody is sure about, like aliens :mrgreen:

A lot of pupils have since told me that they’ve visited Melvil’s own online page and downloaded his songs onto their phones, Whether it helps them find what they want in the LRC remains to be seen 🙂

Dewey Rap also available on Teachertube

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One Response to The Dewey Rap

  1. Ms. Yingling says:

    Too funny. Also, a good reminder to me that I should never try to rap! I’ll stick to the blues.

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