Learning to use the catalogue

1st year pupils are learning how to use the LRC catalogue, Access-IT. This software doesn’t just list the LRC’s contents; it allows pupils to search precisely, check what they’ve borrowed and when it’s due back, read reviews and add their own, and find resource lists for investigations.

After a quick demonstration, pupils tried it out for themselves. They were asked to search for a book about an animal of their choice. It had to be non-fiction, and available in the LRC and not on loan.

They searched Access-IT, noted the relevant details, checked the non-fiction shelves and brought the results of their hunt back to myself or their teacher.

Almost everyone was successful on their first attempt, but of course, there were some problems not being able to find the book they were looking for.

When asked why the book wasn’t where they expected it to be, most pupils suggested that someone else had left it in the wrong place, a useful reminder to put books back properly 🙂

They also learned that newly returned books won’t appear on the shelf yet, and that more than one person in each class can be looking for the same book!

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