Young Human Rights Reporter Competition (Amnesty International)

Competition information from the Amnesty Website

Articles can be about any human rights issue the reporter feels passionately about. We’re looking for interesting, well-written articles that show what the student thinks about the issue. Articles can be up to 500 words long.

To enter the Journalism category of the Competition, you should write a report/article on the theme
of human rights. This could either be from your experience (e.g. bullying, being a refugee) or your
interpretation of a news story. We expect the information included to be factually accurate. Your
article/report must not exceed 500 words in length.

The Journalism Category is divided into four age groups:

  • Upper Primary pupils (P3-7 in Scotland),
  • Lower Secondary pupils (S1-2 in Scotland),
  • Upper Secondary pupils (S3-4 in Scotland),
  • Sixth Form pupils (S5-6 in Scotland).

Judges will be looking for articles that include:

  • Accurate and interesting content
  • Effective use of language and appropriate style
  • Opinions and analysis e.g. on the causes and consequences of the issue.

For the two older age categories, judges will also be looking for articles that draw on different sources, using quotes where relevant.

Winning articles will be published in the Guardian newspaper group, SecEd and Amnesty.

Winners and runners up will also be invited to an award ceremony in London in May 2013.

Deadline for entries 18 Feb 2013.

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