V Campbell Q & A

Back in September, author V Campbell came along to Our Lady’s to discuss her first novel, Viking Gold. Unfortunately we had no time for questions at the end so pupils wrote down all of their queries and they were posted off along with thank you cards.

Victoria also kindly donated a copy of Viking Gold to the Library Resource Centre. We asked her to decide which question was the best, and that person will win the copy of the book!

Well, Victoria has now replied with answers to some of those questions, and has selected her favourite/ Congratulations go to Kenny Barr, because according to Victoria,

“no-one has ever asked me that before and I like the question. It shows an inquiring mind”

Here are all of the questions and answers.

Kenny B: Which has been your best school to talk to and why?
My old primary school – though it was strange to be back as an adult.

Stacey and Erin B: What inspired you to write?
I wanted to do something exciting and different – and I’d always enjoyed getting lost in adventure stories – I wanted to live my life having adventures, but am too feer’t to have real ones – inside my head is all I can manage.

Mark O: What made you write a story about Vikings?
They do exciting stuff!

Anonymous: Are you inspired by the Vikings?
Yes – up to a point – I like that they went out into the world and did stuff. They also wrote wonderful poems, built advanced ships, allowed women more freedoms than many other peoples back then and had one of the first democratic parliaments (the All Thing in Iceland).

Molly: Were you interested in the Vikings when you were younger?
Yes – I spent ages making a paper Viking longship for an Easter egg decorating competition when I was in Primary 7. There was even space for six egg-shaped viking warriors. And of course – I won first prize!

Anonymous: How many books have you sold in one year?
I don’t know that yet as I haven’t had my statement from my publisher yet – many thousands though! (Thank goodness!)

Saffron: How many books have you published?
Viking Gold is my first one.

Anonymous: Why did you choose this style of book to be your first book?
I found it exciting to write – that’s important when you’re working on something all day everyday for several years.

Conor: Where did you get the idea for the book?
I was reading a book about all the people who reached the Americas before Columbus in 1492. I discovered that the Vikings got there in around 1001 AD. I also discovered that an Irish monk got there around the 700s, and wrote a book (Codex) about his adventure. I thought interweaving those two stories could be an interesting idea.

Marc: Why is writing books your dream?
Because I decide what time I get up in the mornings, and what I get to do during the day. I like being my own boss.

Mary Kate: Do you like One Direction?
Is there a right answer to this question? Do you?

Heather: When you write another book, what will you name it and why?
Viking Siege – it will be the sequel to Viking Gold and is set during the siege of a castle.

Nicole: How did you get your book published?
I sent the first three chapters and a synopsis (outline) to my publisher and they took me on pretty much right away! I was very lucky as I knew they were looking to publish books for teenagers/ young adults.

Steffanie: How do you get all the ideas for your book?
I really don’t know. I read a lot, and I have a daft imagination – my books are the product of this mixture.

Clare: Who was your favourite author when you were a little girl?
I really liked all Judy Blume’s books when I was growing up, but I also liked John Buchan’s The 39 Steps, and Baroness Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel.

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