Name the Bridge

Could you name the Bridge?

Artists Impression. [Open Government Licence]

Artist’s Impression. [Open Government Licence]

Transport Scotland are asking for suggestions for the replacement bridge over the River Forth.

You can submit your ideas at the Name the Bridge website which will tell you if this name has already been suggested and offers the chance to add your own comments.

Click here to know more about the new bridge.

You can use these websites to help you come up with ideas:

Forth Bridges Visitor Centre Trust

Undiscovered Scotland

Google Maps – have a look at the location

SCRAN – select Our Lady’s (olhs2a) and search for Forth Ferry or Forth Bridge

Historic Scotland

Visit Scotland


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8 Responses to Name the Bridge

  1. Chloe & Kayla says:

    The Unique Bridge
    The Forth Grand Bridge
    The Auto Bridge

  2. Livia says:

    The Edinburgh Road Bridge

  3. Natalia and Magda says:

    The New Forth
    The Edinburgh Bridge

  4. Jack and Skye says:

    The Road Forth Bridge
    The Smooth Drive Bridge

  5. Calm and James says:

    The Edinburgh Fourth Bridge
    We chose this because it sounded catchy and good for the bridge

  6. Philomena says:

    The Third Forth Bridge

  7. Toni and Toni-May says:

    The Billions Bridge / The Bridge of Billions, The Bridge of Great Britannia, The Windy Forth Bridge,
    Significant Bridge / Significant World Bridge, Firth to Fourth, The Crossing Bridge, The Successful Bridge, The Achieve, Believe, Succeed Bridge

  8. Megan says:

    The Bridge Brothers of the Forth

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