Guinness World Record attempt

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Pupils and staff from Our Lady’s were involved in the attempt to break the world record for the largest number of people writing a story. School libraries across the country took part on 6th February to celebrate National Libraries Day (which actually took place on Saturday 9th 🙂 )

Each school were given the beginning of a story by author, Matt Haig, and could add two sentences to continue it. Mrs Johnston and Mrs McFall kindly acted as Witnesses, and 5th year pupils helped out as Stewards and tried to control the crowds that appeared in the LRC at lunchtime.

The 5th years registered each person taking part, then encouraged them to read the beginning of the story on the Smartboard, before queueing for their turn to write.

The story naturally makes absolutely no sense but does show that imaginations are alive and well at OLHS 🙂

As this is a record being attempted across the UK, we have to wait for everything to be checked and sorted by the lovely people at Guinness World Records before we know if we have any record breakers in our midst.

Click on each picture to read the story.

2013_0305_5495 2013_0305_5496 2013_0305_5497 2013_0305_5498 2013_0305_5499

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