Book trailers

For the past couple of months, Mrs Jeffrey’s 3rd year English class have been working on book trailers. Some groups chose to create a trailer for a book from this year’s Catalyst Longlist, which others preferred to work on a trailer for To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, a novel they’d been studying in class.

I don’t think the class realised just how much work was going to be involved when we started, but over the past weeks, they’ve had to get used to:

  • camera angles
  • storyboards
  • taking photographs
  • iMovie software
  • Garageband software
  • voiceovers
  • visual effects
  • sound effects
  • copyright  free music
  • getting permission to use non-copyright free material
  • transitions
  • creating credits
  • lots of lots and lots of editing to pull it all together
  • and how not to have a meltdown when the video seems to have vanished completely.

Meanwhile, Mrs Macfadyen and Mrs Jeffrey have become familiar with:

  • camera juggling
  • black bin bag backgrounds
  • online iMovie help
  • online Garagebank help
  • getting advice from iMovie Guru Steinert
  • locating videos
  • keeping pupils from having a meltdown when their video seems to have vanished completely

Check out their work below.

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