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Open Culture

Open Culture provides links to a whole load of free material including films, audiobooks, textbooks, ebooks, MOOCs, course notes, language lessons, audio and video clips and thousands of images. The focus is on educational and cultural materials. All of the material … Continue reading

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Manifesto for Libraries

CILIPS have produced a Manifesto for Libraries, highlighting “the incredible return on investment and impact on key policy areas that libraries offer”, covering public libraries, school libraries, digital skills and a national reading strategy.

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Artwork for school blogs

S2 Art and Design have been asked to create a series of banners for the Our Lady’s Latest blog using parts of famous artworks. Only part of the painting or sculpture will be visible in the header because of its shape so … Continue reading

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Great Writing Challenge 2

For the second Great Writing Challenge, Mrs Macfadyen explained that pupils would have to put their characters into some sort of danger. Their task was to investigate dangerous locations around the world to help them decide where and how their characters … Continue reading

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Windfarm research

Pupils in S1 Social Subjects are investigating wind farms and deciding for themselves whether this is a useful and beneficial form of renewable energy. Once the class have made their minds up, each pupil creates a banner, a leaflet or … Continue reading

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BBC School Reporters

Our BBC School Reporters met again today to continue their discussions and research. The group have set themselves a series of daunting challenges for School Report Day on 10th March and are learning how to manage their time and each other in … Continue reading

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Photography Club: shadow project

S1 Photography Club pupils have been using lighting to play with shadows. On the surface this seems like a very simple project but a lot of learning is going on, not only in terms of photography and camera work but … Continue reading

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The Hundreds

The non-fiction section of the Library is arranged in numerical order using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Dewey has ten sections, each with a different hundred. Sciences are 500s, Literature are 800s and so on. There are signs to mark … Continue reading

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Library Twitter Account

The Library blog has been very quiet of late, partly because it’s mad busy in this place, but also because of Twitter. Beware – it’s addictive. So now there is a brand new Library Twitter feed, @OLHSLRC. Tweets will also … Continue reading

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Remember the Moomins!

This year we were all asked to decorate our doors for Christmas by the Personal Development class. What with one thing and another, the Library doors remain sadly undecorated, but it was extremely heartening to see Moomins on one of … Continue reading

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