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Character by David D

he is a army expirment went wrong. The army tried to make him the ultimate warrior. He was a navy seal before he was turned into a unstoppable   machine.  His powers are that he cant be killed. He is out to get  the people … Continue reading

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Karate Man by Ben

Here is my character, karate man I choose these 2 colours because I wanted to use them=they are my 2 fave colours. Superpowers=He can shoot  fire from his hands, He can fly, mind reader , superfast and he can tranforme into other … Continue reading

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Magpie by Hayley

Posted by Hayley in the Characters Challenge Name: Carla Reaves-Carpet Age: 24 Gender: Female Profession: Thief/Assassin Villain Name: The Magpie Weapons: Curved knives, designed to be very difficult to pull out. Can be used for throwing or at close range. … Continue reading

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Monster Bookmarks!

Report by SA Using the internet I have found an awesome template that you can use to make bookmarks for the corner of your pages!  The best thing is you can decorate them in anyway you want, personnaly I enjoy … Continue reading

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Review by AH Books. They’re so papery and full of letters that combine to make words. Some of these so called “books” containing so called “words” can bore the life out of some people. But not all books are everyone’s … Continue reading

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Report by Mr Hawthorne This is not a blog post about the deliciousness and variations of pies. Instead I’m going to talk about our Photography and Inspiration Expedition. On Friday afternoon after the Patronal Feast Day Mass, the Photography Club … Continue reading

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Zombies 9: more special effects

Report by Anthony Kirsty McCabe make up artist came in to the school and showed us how to do scars on our face and other parts of our body using Liquid Latex and Silicon. We were doing it for a project … Continue reading

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No title

I have been writing so much these past couple of days, in a sort of therapeutic fashion. So  I thought maybe I’d share some with you because I have no one else to show it to. I actually have no … Continue reading

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Cathy MacPhail

The S3 and S4 pupils of Mrs Millar that were lucky enough to participate in the Catalyst Awards 2011 have had all their efforts rewarded with a visit from shortlisted author Cathy MacPhail. The visit was the prize for a … Continue reading

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Zombies 8: Stage Fighting

Report By Kirpal We wanted to look like we were actually hitting each other without touching, with the help of Mrs Smith the Drama teacher. Mrs Smith told us the only way to make it look real was to make it sound real.  We could either “whack” … Continue reading

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