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Alexander and Liam – The 12th night

The 12th night ( 5th January ) is the night when the christmas decorations should come down. If they dont come down then it would bring bad luck upon your house. Long ago people thought that leaving them up would … Continue reading

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Child of the Library

A fantastic wee song all about the importance of libraries, written by comedian Piers Crawley about his own childhood. Because it comes from YouTube, this video will not play in school. šŸ˜¦

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Stocktake – Not Just Sitting and Scanning?

Report by the Stocktakers Okay. We have been given the task of doing a stocktakeĀ of every single book in the library, which means we have to scan every single one! (Okay, we volunteered!) Anyway, its not easy you know, it’s … Continue reading

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NLC Summer Reading Relay

The Reading Relay is running in schools and public libraries across the summer holidays until the end of September. You win a prize for every three books you complete, and everyone who competes is entered into a competition for an … Continue reading

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National Library of Scotland

Did you know… The National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh is Scotland’s largest library. It’s the only legal deposit library in Scotland. That means it receives a copy of everything published in the UK and Ireland for free! That’s roughly … Continue reading

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Report by SA and CB Here are some examples of what you can do in Photobooth on the Apple Macs in theĀ library. You need to be on the Apple Mac side, not Windows.

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Library joke IV

What do you get if you cross words, a kangaroo and a vampire? Words that jump off the page and bite you. Don’t blame me.

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Library joke III

Nicola posted this joke in the comments but it made me laugh, so I’ve put it here for everyone to share. From Nicola I have a good library joke but I dont know what do do with it so i’ll … Continue reading

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Library joke II

What did the astronaut say to the author? “I took your book into orbit and I couldn’t put it down!” Thanks to Laura Macfadyen, age 10

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Welcome back

I’m sure you’re all delighted to be back and all got to your beds early last night to make sure you were up in plenty of time this morning. And of course, you’ll all be desperate to get your new … Continue reading

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